'Don't Throw Anything Away, you'd be amazed what people buy!'

  Our next Sale is Thurs. 28th September 10am-2pm and Fri. 29th September 10am-2pm.
Glenside, PA 19038.
This home is packed! Photos just a GLIMPSE!!
We can only fit 5 in at a time to start, so list will be out 30min. prior.
Please bring gloves, flashlight and comfortable footwear!
Enter at your own risk, but if you can look past the condition (as we never judge a home),
it is full of treasures galore! We have already been thanked
for taking on such a full sale! Please be patient if there is a long line,
we can only fit 5 people in to start (that’s how packed).
Parking at the restaurant next-door is permissible and suggested.
See you soon!
Click Here for sale details, photos and directions.

Estate Sales Management

Hydrangeas' Estate Sales Management, LLC. guides you and assists you in maximizing your financial success in every aspect of the Estate Sales process.

Pre-sale, Hydrangeas' experienced and professional staff organizes the sale; creates and publishes results driven marketing of the sale; handles staging, preparation and cleaning; evaluates and prices all items; and appraises and promotes the sale of heirlooms, antiques and valuable items.

Our staff handles all aspects of sale day, controls access and in the age of Covid, assures the safety of all attendees. Post-Sale, Hydrangeas' arranges with each client on handling items that remain including donations, disposal and final cleanup of property.

We offer a free consultation to meet with you to discuss your sale so we can learn more specifics about your plans so we can provide you with a detailed proposal and agreement to assure success.

Your Successful Sale

Your success with Hydrangeas' Estate Sales starts with a free initial consultation to learn the specifics of your goals, your timing and a review of items to be sold. With your agreement, based on our years of experience, training and certifications we price all items, have more valuable items appraised and then clean and stage the sale location and promote the sale online and locally to maximize your success. Hydrangeas' Estate Sales provides experienced staff, safe policies for attendees and handles payments, pickups and cleanup. Hydrangeas' Estate Sales handles final determination on all unsold items including arrangements for off-premise consignment, charitable donations and disposal.

Please Contact Us to setup a consultation.