Demolition Sales Management

A demolition sale held by an experienced estate sales professional offers real benefits over holding your own garage sale. Hydrangeas’ Estate Sales handles the critical components while reducing stress by handling research, pricing, planning, promoting and staging to maximize your financial success.

As an experienced estate sales management company, a real benefit is our large following; combined with our pre-sale listings and promotions brings more attendees and in most cases, brings people who follow us looking for specific items.

Your Successful Sale

Your success with Hydrangeas’ Estate Sales starts with a free initial consultation to learn the specifics of your goals, your timing and a review of items to be sold. With your agreement, based on our years of experience, training and certification we price all items, have more valuable items appraised and then clean and stage the sale location and promote the sale online and locally to maximize your success. Hydrangeas’ Estate Sales provides experienced staff and policies for the safety of attendees and handles payments, pickups and cleanup. Hydrangeas’ Estate Sales handles final determination on all unsold items including arrangements for off-premise consignment, charitable donations and disposal.